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KeyScan Imaging Keyboard - A scanner in your PC keyboard.
Photo and Document Saver
Easy Installation
Cut the Clutter

The KeyScan KS810-P combines the best features of a full-function keyboard with a high-resolution scanner. Right at your fingertips is the hidden power of KeyScan — a convenient way to eliminate clutter and create your own document or image files.

KeyScan technology is so easy to use that it can be set up to automatically scan photos and documents just by dropping them into the keyboard's scanner.

You can control resolution, color, and file size with a few simple choices and scan directly into an e-mail.

There's no need for expensive add-on software, since the KS810-P comes equipped to easily create image or text files in popular formats.

We've been using it for a week now and I absolutely love it. —Dental Depot
This scanner makes it quick and easy and the clarity is the best I've ever seen. —Dental Depot
It takes up virtually no scarce desk space. —Dr. Larry Emmott
It worked like a charm! —Judy A. Gray
We have a KeyScan on every desk which allows us to immediately scan and save documents. —Neil Chapman
Having this new keyboard/scanner is awesome! It allows me to save on time. —Dannette Garcia
Packs a lot of punch into one package. —Nerino J. Petro Junior
I can scan immediately. —April Chaney
The scanning process is very fast. —Bharat Sheth
Without any effort ... able to scan a document into our central server for storage. —Eric Roelofsen
The KeyScan solution has also saved us a lot of "manual searching" time. —Eric Roelofsen
I can highly recommend KeyScan as a great solution. —Eric Roelofsen
It's one of the few things, that really work by "plug 'n play" and is quite easy to use. —Martin Franke
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